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How Do You Replace Car Keys?

You never really know just how valuable your car keys are until they’re lost or they just stop working. They’re your access to mobile transportation, and if they’re not with you, then you’re stuck. Fortunately, if you wind up in a bind, you can go about replacing a malfunctioning or misplaced car key. On the other hand, when you replace car keys, it can sometimes get really expensive.

In the case of older cars, the keys won’t malfunction since they were just physical pieces of metal. The first thing you’ll have to do is write down the VIN number for your car. That piece of information will be necessary in locating someone that can help you getting the key replaced. Many cars have their VIN on the driver’s side dashboard, visible through the window. It might also be in other places. You can also just look it up on your car insurance.

VINs are 17-digit combinations of letters and numbers used in cars after 1981. Also, write down the year, make, and model of your car.

Calling an area auto locksmith should be your first move. They’ll usually visit your car free of charge, and they can open your car and make a new key for roughly half the cost a dealership or manufacturer could do it for. They’re also able to visit you where you’re at. If someone you know has another copy of your key, they can usually get it copied at a hardware store, but these stores can’t make new keys without one to duplicate from.

Locksmiths from might also be able to help you make a new key fob if you have a newer car with an electronic or wireless key. Also, they might be able to even help you program your replacement key, although there should be instructions for that in your car manual.

You might even be able to find discounted key fobs or replacement keys online. Factor replacements and after-market keys are sometimes available online for a fraction of the manufacturer price. Believe it or not, you can find third-party sellers offering these kinds of keys for many makes and models on both eBay and Amazon. Try to pick a reputable seller that has high approval ratings over many transactions.

Whether you lost your keys or they just stopped working, this article should have given you some idea how to replace car keys when you need to do so.